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University presses publish vetted scholarship across all disciplines. Researchers and authors who have studied pandemics, virology, public health policy and history, and much more can help all of us understand our current situation. Gathered as the pandemic began in spring 2020, this linked list of relevant books, journals, articles, and resource collections is arranged alphabetically by publisher key word (e.g., “Toronto” for the University of Toronto Press.)

Also, in Inside Higher Education (November 20, 2020), Scott McLemee highlights current and forthcoming university press books on COVID-19 and its impacts, and pandemics in general.

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University of Arizona Press

For All of Humanity: Mesoamerican and Colonial Medicine in Enlightenment Guatemala
Martha Few

This book examines the first public health campaigns in Guatemala, southern Mexico, and Central America in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. It reconstructs a rich and complex picture of the ways colonial doctors, surgeons, Indigenous healers, midwives, priests, government officials, and ordinary people engaged in efforts to prevent and control epidemic disease.
Currently open via Project MUSE and JSTOR

The Chicana Motherwork Anthology
Edited by Cecilia Caballero, Yvette Martínez-Vu, Judith Pérez-Torres, Michelle Téllez, Christine Vega; Foreword by Ana Castillo

This volume brings together emerging scholarship and testimonios by and about self-identified Chicana and Women of Color mother-scholars, activists, and allies who, using an intersectional lens, center mothering as transformative labor.
Currently open via Project MUSE and JSTOR

Beacon Press

Natural: How Faith in Nature’s Goodness Leads to Harmful Fads, Unjust Laws, and Flawed Science
Alan Levinovitz
ISBN: 9780807010877
Illuminates the far-reaching harms of believing that natural means “good,” from misinformation about health choices to justifications for sexism, racism, and flawed economic policies.

Marching Toward Coverage: How Women Can Lead the Fight for Universal Health Care
Rosemarie Day
ISBN: 9780807018934
A lively, clear explanation of the American healthcare reform movement from a noted expert—giving women the tools they need to demand fair and affordable coverage for all people.

What Patients Say, What Doctors Hear
Danielle Ofri
ISBN: 9780807087497
Can refocusing conversations between doctors and their patients lead to better health? Reporting on the latest research studies and interviewing scholars, doctors, and patients, Dr. Ofri reveals how better communication can lead to better health for all of us.

Saving Talk Therapy: How Health Insurers, Big Pharma, and Slanted Science are Ruining Good Mental Health Care
Enrico Gnaulati
ISBN: 9780807055113
A hard-hitting critique of how managed care and the selective use of science to privilege quick-fix therapies have undermined in-depth psychotherapy—to the detriment of patients and practitioners.

University of British Columbia Press

Epidemic Encounters: Influenza, Society, and Culture in Canada, 1918-20
Edited by Magda Fahrni and Esyllt W. Jones
ISBN: 9780774822138
Now more than ever, medical, public health, and government officials are looking to the past to understand pandemic response. This multidisciplinary volume explores Canada’s experience of illness and death during the 1918-20 influenza pandemic.

A Healthy Society: How a Focus on Health Can Revive Canadian Democracy, Updated and Expanded Edition
Ryan Meili
ISBN: 9780774880268
Meili has emerged as a leading voice in the response to Covid-19 in Canada. His book draws on his experience in family practice, community building, and politics to envision a new approach to politics—and a healthier world.

University of California Press

Public Health in East and Southeast Asia: Challenges and Opportunities in the Twenty-First Century
Edited by Roger Detels, Sheena G. Sullivan, Chorh Chuan Tan
ISBN: 9780520289833
Presents an overview of the state of public health across this vast region and considers the challenges and prospects for its future advancement.

Public Health Law: Power, Duty, Restraint, Third Edition
Lawrence O. Gostin and Lindsay F. Wiley
ISBN: 9780520282650
In this bold third edition, Gostin is joined by Lindsay F. Wiley to analyze major health threats of our time such as chronic diseases, emerging infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, bioterrorism, natural disasters, opiod overdose, and gun violence.

The Pandemic Perhaps: Dramatic Events in a Public Culture of Danger
Carlo Caduff
ISBN: 9780520284098
Drawing on fieldwork among scientists and public health professionals in New York City, the book is an investigation of how actors and institutions produced a scene of extreme expectation through the circulation of dramatic plague visions.

Reimagining Global Health: An Introduction
Edited by Paul Farmer, Arthur Kleinman, Jim Kim, Matthew Basilico
ISBN: 9780520271999
The case studies presented here bring together ethnographic, theoretical, and historical perspectives into a wholly new and exciting investigation of global health.

Real Collaboration: What It Takes for Global Health to Succeed
Mark L. Rosenberg, Elisabeth Hayes, Margaret McIntyre, Nancy Wall Neill
ISBN: 9780520259515
Essential reading for those who work in global health, this practical handbook focuses on what might be the most important lesson of the last fifty years: that collaboration is the best way to make health resources count for disadvantaged people around the world.

Contagious Divides: Epidemics and Race in San Francisco’s Chinatown
Nayan Shah
ISBN: 9780520226296
Charts the dynamic transformation of representations of Chinese immigrants from medical menace in the nineteenth century to model citizen in the mid-twentieth century.

Public Health Law and Ethics: A Reader, Third Edition
Edited by Lawrence O. Gostin and Lindsay F. Wiley
ISBN: 9780520294660
Probes the legal and ethical issues at the heart of public health through an incisive selection of judicial opinions, scholarly articles, and government reports.

Punishing Disease: HIV and the Criminalization of Sickness
Trevor Hoppe
ISBN: 9780520291607
Looks at how HIV was transformed from sickness to badness under the criminal law and investigates the consequences of inflicting penalties on people living with disease.

Fit to Be Citizens?: Public Health and Race in Los Angeles, 1879-1939
Natalia Molina
ISBN: 9780520246492
Through a careful examination of the experiences of Mexican, Japanese, and Chinese immigrants in Los Angeles, Natalia Molina illustrates the many ways local health officials used complexly constructed concerns about public health to demean, diminish, discipline, and ultimately define racial groups.

Coerced: Work Under Threat of Punishment
Erin Hatton
ISBN: 9780520305410
Explores this world of coerced labor through an unexpected and compelling comparison of four groups of workers (prisoner laborers, graduate students, welfare workers, and college athletes) for whom a different definition of “employment” reigns supreme.

Ultimate Price: The Value We Place on Life
Howard Steven Friedman
ISBN: 9780520343221
Friedman explains in simple terms how economists and data scientists at corporations, regulatory agencies, and insurance companies develop and use these price tags and points a spotlight at their logical flaws and limitations.

To Repair the World: Paul Farmer Speaks to the Next Generation
Paul Farmer
ISBN: 9780520321151
One of the most passionate and influential voices for global health equity and social justice, Farmer encourages young people to tackle the greatest challenges of our times.

University of Chicago Press

Health Care for Some: Rights and Rationing in the United States Since 1930
Beatrix Hoffman offers an engaging and in-depth look at America’s long tradition of unequal access to health care.

Vaccine Nation: America’s Changing Relationship with Immunization
By setting the complex story of American vaccination within the country’s broader history, this goes beyond the simple story of the triumph of science over disease and provides a new and perceptive account of the role of politics and social forces in medicine.

Making Social Welfare Policy in America: Three Case Studies Since 1950
Written in an accessible style and using a minimum of academic jargon, this book illuminates how three of our most important social welfare programs have come into existence and how they have fared over time.

The Toddler in Chief: What Donald Trump Teaches Us About the Modern Presidency
In these pages, Drezner follows the specific ways in which sharing some of the traits of a toddler makes a person ill-suited to the presidency to show the lasting, deleterious impact the Trump administration will have on American foreign policy and democracy.

Outbreak: Foodborne Illness and the Struggle for Food Safety
Offers practical reforms that will strengthen the food safety system’s capacity to learn from its mistakes and identify cost-effective food safety efforts capable of producing measurable public health benefits.

Valuing Life: Humanizing the Regulatory State
In this highly readable synthesis of insights from law, policy, economics, and psychology, Sunstein breaks down the intricacies of the regulatory system and offers a new way of thinking about regulation that incorporates human dignity—and an insistent focus on the consequences of our choices.

Mama Might Be Better Off Dead: The Failure of Health Care in Urban America
Both disturbing and illuminating, an unsettling, profound look at the human face of health care in America.

Worst Cases: Terror and Catastrophe in the Popular Imagination
Fear and dread, Lee Clarke argues, have actually become too rare: only when the public has more substantial information and more credible warnings will it take worst cases as seriously as it should.

The Beautiful Cure: The Revolution in Immunology and What It Means for Your Health
Leading immunologist Daniel M. Davis describes how the scientific quest to understand how the immune system works—and how it is affected by stress, sleep, age, and our state of mind—is now unlocking a revolutionary new approach to medicine and well-being.

A Planet of Viruses
Carl Zimmer’s lucid explanations and fascinating stories demonstrate how deeply humans and viruses are intertwined.

The Pox of Liberty: How the Constitution Left Americans Rich, Free, and Prone to Infection
Werner Troesken looks at the history of the United States with a focus on three diseases—smallpox, typhoid fever, and yellow fever—to show how constitutional rules and provisions that promoted individual liberty and economic prosperity also influenced, for good and for bad, the country’s ability to eradicate infectious disease.

Stockholm Paradigm: Climate Change and Emerging Disease
The planet is a minefield of pathogens with preexisting capacities to infect susceptible but unexposed hosts, needing only the opportunity for contact and climate change has always been the major catalyst for such new opportunities, because it disrupts local ecosystem structure and allows pathogens and hosts to move.

University Press of Colorado

Historicizing Fear: Ignorance, Vilification, and Othering
Travis D. Boyce and Winsome M. Chunnu
A historical interrogation of the use of fear as a tool to vilify and persecute groups and individuals from a global perspective, offering an unflinching look at racism, fearful framing, oppression, and marginalization across human history.
Open via Knowledge Unlatched

Columbia University Press

A Survival Guide to the Misinformation Age
David Helfand
ISBN: 9780231168731
A leading science educator on how to cultivate scientific habits of mind and avoid sloppy thinking in an age of information and misinformation overload.

Bad Advice
Paul Offit
ISBN: 9780231186995
Why you shouldn’t take health advice from celebrities and politicians.

Rethinking Readiness
Jeff Schlegelmilch
ISBN: 9780231190411
A brief guide to 21st-century mega-disasters, including pandemics, that could completely overwhelm our existing systems, and how we can make radical changes to prepare for them.

Getting Risk Right
Geoffrey Kabat
ISBN: 9780231166478
The science behind why certain health risks are worth worrying about and others aren’t.

Cork University Press

Uncertainty Rules? Making uncertainty work for you
Richard Plenty and Terri Morrissey
ISBN: 9781782053774
Uncertainty is currently a hot topic particularly with Covid-19 crisis so this book focuses on protecting ourselves from anxiety rather than looking for long term sustainable solutions to the complex challenges we face.

Duke University Press

Avian Reservoirs: Virus Hunters and Birdwatchers in Chinese Sentinel Posts
Frédéric Keck
Keck traces how the anticipation of bird flu pandemics has changed relations between birds and humans in China.
Free online until June 1, 2020

The Politics of Communicable Disease Control in Europe *Journal Issue
Scott L. Greer, Editor
Contributors to this issue of the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law explore topics related to the Europeanization of communicable disease control, including epidemiological surveillance, the diversity of institutional resources, and agricultural and food policy.
Free online until October 1, 2020

Contagious: Cultures, Carriers, and the Outbreak Narrative
Priscilla Wald
Argues that we need to understand the appeal and persistence of the “outbreak narrative” because the stories we tell about disease emergence have consequences.
Free online until June 1, 2020

Infectious Disease Surveillance in the United States and the United Kingdom: From Public Goods to the Challenges of New Technologies”
Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law
Tony Barnett and Corinna Sorenson
This article discusses infectious disease surveillance in the United States and the United Kingdom, examining historical national traditions for identifying and controlling infectious disease risks and how globalization and technical advances have influenced the evolution of their respective approaches.
Free online until October 1, 2020

“The Paradoxical Politics of Viral Containment; or, How Scale Undoes Us One and All”
Social Text
Ed Cohen
In this article, Cohen meditates on the paradoxes inherent in considering what it means to contain a viral epidemic.
Free online until October 1, 2020

Bodily Matters: The Anti-Vaccination Movement in England, 1853–1907
Nadja Durbach
Explores the anti-vaccination movement that emerged in England in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth in response to government-mandated smallpox vaccination.
Free online until June 1, 2020

“A Tale of Many Cities: A Contemporary Historical Study of the Implementation of School Closures During the 2009 pA(H1N1) Influenza Pandemic”
Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law
J. Alexander Navarro, Katrin S. Kohl, Martin S. Cetron, and Howard Markel
Applying qualitative historical methods, this article’s authors examine the consideration and implementation of school closures as a nonpharmaceutical intervention in thirty US cities during the spring 2009 wave of the pA(H1N1) influenza pandemic.
Free online until October 1, 2020

Red State, Blue State, Flu State: Media Self-Selection and Partisan Gaps in Swine Flu Vaccinations”
Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law
Matthew A. Baum
This study assesses the relationship between political partisanship and attitudes and behavior with respect to the H1N1 virus (swine flu) crisis of 2009 in general, and the U.S. mass vaccination program in particular.
Free online until October 1, 2020

“Global Technology and Local Society: Developing a Taiwanese and Korean Bioeconomy Through the Vaccine Industry
East Asian Science, Technology and Society
Tzung-wen Chen
This article discusses approaches to forming a bioeconomy in Korea and Taiwan and presents examples of vaccine industrialization in the context of a dual-structured global vaccine market.
Free online until October 1, 2020

Virulent Zones: Animal Disease and Global Health at China’s Pandemic Epicenter
Lyle Fearnley
Forthcoming in October 2020, Fearnley documents the global plans to stop the next influenza pandemic at its source, accompanying virologists and veterinarians as they track lethal viruses to China’s largest freshwater lake, Poyang Lake.

Cinematic Prophylaxis: Globalization and Contagion in the Discourse of World Health
Kirsten Ostherr
Contributing to the fields of film history, visual cultures, and globalization studies Ostherr provides essential historical information about how the representation of biological contagion has affected understandings of the origins and vectors of disease.
Free online until June 1, 2020

Fordham University Press

Pathological Realities: Essays on Disease, Experiments, and History
Miko Grmek, Translated and Edited by Pierre-Olivier Méthot
ISBN: 9780823280353
This collection pieces together Mirko Grmek’s work—as a physician and historian of medicine—revealing his distinctive vision of the history of science and medicine and their relation to contemporary social problems of war, pandemics, and genocide.
Available open via EBSCO, MUSE, ProQuest through June 30, 2020

Chagas Disease: History of a Continent’s Scourge
François Delaporte, Translated by Arthur Goldhammer
ISBN: 9780823242504
Chronicles Brazilian medicine’s encounter with a disease, an insect, and a history of discovery.
Available open via EBSCO, MUSE, ProQuest through June 30, 2020

Cytomegalovirus: A Hospitalization Diary
Hervé Guibert, Translated by Clara Orban
ISBN: 9780823268573
A lucid and spare autobiographical narrative by Hervé Guibert (1955-1991) of the everyday moments of his hospitalization due to complications of AIDS. In one of his last works, the acclaimed writer presents his struggle with the disease in terms that are unsentimental and deeply human.
Available open via EBSCO, MUSE, ProQuest through June 30, 2020

Affliction: Health, Disease, Poverty
Veena Das
ISBN: 9780823261819
Affliction inaugurates a novel way of understanding the trajectories of health and disease in the context of poverty as it traces the unfolding of illness within families, local communities, neighborhood markets and in occult worlds.
Available open via EBSCO, MUSE, ProQuest through June 30, 2020

New York After 9/11
Edited by Susan Opotow and Zachary Baron Shemtob
ISBN: 9780823281275
This book examines the aftermath of 9/11 in New York City and the various ways that this event profoundly reshaped multiple spheres of City life.
Available open via EBSCO, MUSE, open ProQuest through June 30, 2020

GBHEM Publishing

Truth Telling in a Post-Truth World
D. Stephen Long
Truth Telling has a vital role in securing our freedom and is the duty of people of faith, without it there can be no hope or civil society.

Nevertheless She Leads: Postcolonial Woman’s Leadership for the Church
Hirho Y. Park and M. Kathryn Armistead, general editors
Women who are transforming the Church so all are equal.

Georgetown University Press

Biosecurity Dilemmas: Dreaded Diseases, Ethical Responses, and the Health of Nations
Christian Enemark
An examination of the conflicting values and interests in the practice of “biosecurity,” the safeguarding of populations against infectious diseases through security policies.

An Ethics Casebook for Hospitals: Practical Approaches to Everyday Ethics Consultations
ISBN: 9781626165502
Originally published in 1999, this classic textbook includes twenty-six cases with commentary and bibliographic resources designed especially for medical students and the training of ethics consultants.

Practical Decision Making in Healthcare Ethics: Cases, Concepts, and the Virtue of Prudence
ISBN: 9781626162761
Thoughtfully updated and renewed for a new generation of readers, this classic textbook is required reading for students and scholars of philosophy and medical ethics.

Bioethics and the Human Goods: An Introduction to Natural Law Bioethics
ISBN: 9781626161634
Bioethics and the Human Goods offers students and general readers a brief introduction to bioethics from a “natural law” philosophical perspective.

Harvard University Press

Healthy Buildings: How Indoor Spaces Drive Performance and Productivity
by Joseph G Allen and John D Macomber
ISBN: 9780674237971
A forensic investigator of “sick buildings” and Director of Harvard’s Healthy Buildings Program teams up with a CEO-turned–Harvard Business School professor to reveal the secrets of a healthy building—and unlock one of the greatest business opportunities of our time.

Outbreak Culture: The Ebola Crisis and the Next Epidemic
by Pardis Sabeti and Lara Salahi
ISBN: 9780674976115
The award-winning genetic researcher who helped tame the Ebola epidemic pairs up with a prize-winning journalist to tell the story of what happened and what would have to change to prevent the next outbreak from spiraling out of control.

University of Illinois Press

American Unemployment: Past, Present, and Future
Frank Stricker
ISBN: 9780252085024
An easy to read history of unemployment in America that takes aim at misinformation, willful deceptions, and popular myths to set the record straight.

Driven by Fear: Epidemics and Isolation in San Francisco’s House of Pestilence
Guenter B. Risse
ISBN: 9780252081385
An exploration of the pesthouse in San Francisco in the early twentieth century that delves into the spectrum of emotions that fed psychological, ideological, and pragmatic urges to scapegoat and stereotype victims—particularly Chinese victims—of smallpox, leprosy, plague, and syphilis.

Workers in Hard Times: The Long View of Economic Crises
Edited by Leon Fink, Joseph A. McCartin, and Joan Sangster
ISBN: 9780252085123
Essays connect the Great Recession of 2007–2009 to economic crises that took place in various industrialized nations across the globe.

Metropolitan Resilience in a Time of Economic Turmoil
Edited by Michael A. Pagano
ISBN: 9780252079771
A look at the capacity of local governments to mobilize resources efficiently and effectively, as well as the overall effects of the long-term economic downturn on quality of life.

Disaster Citizenship: Survivors, Solidarity, and Power in the Progressive Era
Jacob A. C. Remes
ISBN: 9780252081378
Draws on histories of the Salem Fire of 1914 and the Halifax Explosion of 1917 to explore the institutions—both formal and informal—that ordinary people relied upon in times of crisis.

Indiana University Press

“The Plague of New Elizabeth”
Indiana Magazine of History
Don Alan Hall and Ruth A. Hall
In-depth look at how an Indiana town battled a plague in the 1800’s.

“Flu Season: “Moving Picture World” Reports on Pandemic Influenza, 1918-19″
Film History
Richard Koszarski
This article discusses How the movie industry was reporting on pandemic Influenza in the early 1900’s.

Johns Hopkins University Press

A Modern Contagion: Imperialism and Public Health in Iran’s Age of Cholera
Amir A. Afkhami
ISBN: 9781421427218
In A Modern Contagion, Amir Afkhami argues that Iran’s nineteenth-century Cholera crisis had a profound influence on the development of modern Iran, steering the country’s social, economic, and political currents.
Free access at Project MUSE:

Containing Contagion: The Politics of Disease Outbreaks in Southeast Asia
Sara E. Davies
ISBN: 9781421427393
Sara E. Davies focuses on Southeast Asia, one of the most pivotal (and riskiest) regions in the world in its responses in recent years to to a wave of emerging and endemic infectious disease outbreaks ranging from Nipah to Japanese encephalitis.
Free access at Project MUSE:

Disease Diplomacy: International Norms and Global Health Security
Sara E. Davies, Adam Kamradt-Scott, and Simon Rushton
ISBN: 9781421416489
In a world where pathogens can now circumnavigate the globe in mere hours, this book traces the emergence of the new norms of global health security, their internalization by states, and the political and technical constraints governments confront in their compliance.
Free access at Project MUSE:

Adventures of a Female Medical Detective: In Pursuit of Smallpox and AIDS
Mary Guinan
ISBN: 9781421419992
Mary Guinan weaves together twelve vivid stories of her life in medicine (including her time at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), describing her individual experiences in controlling outbreaks, researching new diseases, and caring for patients with untreatable infections.

Blue Marble Health: An Innovative Plan to Fight Diseases of the Poor amid Wealth
Peter Hotez
ISBN: 9781421420462
Dr. Peter Hotez’s new global paradigm called “blue marble health” asserts that poor people living in wealthy countries account for most of the world’s illness–and that it is possible to eliminate life-threatening disease while creating opportunities for science and diplomacy.
Free access at Project MUSE:

Global Epidemics, Local Implications: African Immigrants and the Ebola Crisis in Dallas
Kevin J. A. Thomas
ISBN: 9781421432991
Uses the 2013 Ebola crisis in Dallas to highlight the complex ways in which disease outbreaks that begin in one part of the world affect the lives of immigrants in another.
Free access at Project MUSE:

Prevention First: Policymaking for a Healthier America
Anand K. Parekh, MD, MPH, with foreword by Senators Tom Daschle and Bill Frist, MD
ISBN: 9781421433653
Parekh argues that disease prevention must be our nation’s top health policy priority, with elected officials and policymakers playing a greater role in reducing preventable deaths.
Free access at Project MUSE:

Pandemics, Pills, and Politics: Governing Global Health Security
Stefan Elbe
ISBN: 9781421425580
The story of Tamiflu harbors deeper lessons about the vexing political, economic, legal, social, and regulatory tensions that emerge as twenty-first-century security policy takes a pharmaceutical turn.
Open access at Project MUSE:

The Fears of the Rich, The Needs of the Poor: My Years at the CDC
William H. Foege
ISBN: 9781421425290
A revealing account of the CDC’s development from a malaria control program to an institution dedicated to improving health for all people across the world by its former director.

Life and Death in Rikers Island
Homer Venters
ISBN: 9781421427355
An explanation of the profound health risks associated with incarceration, from neglect and sexual abuse to blocked access to care and exposure to brutality, along with the forced complicity or silence of doctors and nurses, by the former chief medical officer for New York City’s jails.
Free access at Project MUSE:

William E. Paul
ISBN: 9781421425283
Packed with illustrations, stories , and fascinating accounts of scientific discovery, Immunity presents the three laws of the human immune system—universality, tolerance, and appropriateness—and explains how the system both protects and harms us.
Free access at Project MUSE:

Johns Hopkins University Press

“Emergency Preparedness: Ethical Faith-Health Leadership, Supporting Vulnerable Populations”
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved
Guest Editor: Rueben C. Warren, DDS, MPH, DrPH, MDiv
Special supplement to the JHCPU.
Free online until May 31, 2020

“A Community Partnership to Respond to an Outbreak: A Model that Can Be Replicated for Future Events”
Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action
Maria T. Carney, MD, Tavora Buchman, PhD, Susan Neville, PhD, RN, Abraham Thengampallil, MD, MPH, and Robert Silverman, MD
A look at the Nassau County response to the H1N1 outbreak and the utilization of a three-phase model to communicate, plan, and implement a strategy to ease the fear that existed and to minimize the illness in the region.
Free online until May 31, 2020

“Epidemiology of Influenza A 2009 H1N1 Virus Pandemic in the U.S.”
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved
Ehsan Abdalla, DVM, MSc (Vet PATH) MSc (Epidemiology and Risk Analysis), Tsegaye HabteMariam, DVM, MPVM, PhD, David Nganwa, DVM, MPH, Asseged B. Dibaba, DVM, MSc, Gemechu Gerbi, PhD, Robnett Vinaida, MSc, and Berhanu Tameru, PhD
An epidemiologic analysis of the H1N1 outbreak in the United States.
Free online until May 31, 2020

“Updating the Accounts: Global Mortality of the 1918-1920 “Spanish” Influenza Pandemic”
Bulletin of the History of Medicine
Niall P. A. S. Johnson and Juergen Mueller
Research that demonstrates the consistent upward revision of the estimated global mortality of the Spanish Influenza pandemic.
Free online until May 31, 2020

“Outburst! A Chilling True Story about Emerging-Virus Narratives and Pandemic Social Change”
Heather Schell
An examination of immune system discourses.
Free online until May 31, 2020

“The Origin and Control of Pandemic Influenza”
Perspectives in Biology and Medicine
W. Graeme Laver, Norbert Bischofberger, and Robert G. Webster
This article tells the story behind the development of new flu drugs.
Free online until May 31, 2020

“‘Patient Zero’: The Absence of a Patient’s View of the Early North American AIDS Epidemic”
Bulletin of the History of Medicine
Richard A. McKay
This article presents a critical historical treatment and more balanced consideration—a “patient’s view”—of Gaétan Dugas’s experience of the early years of AIDS.
Free online until May 31, 2020

“Variational Causal Claims in Epidemiology”
Perspectives in Biology and Medicine
Federica Russo
This article examines definitions of cause in the epidemiological literature.
Free online until May 31, 2020

“Environment, Population, and Biology: A Short History of Modern Epidemiology”
Perspectives in Biology and Medicine
Alessandra Parodi, David Neasham, and Paolo Vineis
An examination of the history of epidemiology and the tension between mechanistic and population-based studies.
Free online until May 31, 2020

“Pandemics and Vaccines: Perceptions, Reactions, and Lessons Learned from Hard-to-Reach Latinos and the H1N1 Campaign”
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved
Diana Cassady, DrPH, Xochitl Castaneda, MA, Magdalena Ruiz Ruelas, MPH , Meredith Miller Vostrejs, MA, Teresa Andrews, MS, and Liliana Osorio
This paper examines knowledge, risk perception, and attitudes around the H1N1 pandemic among Latino hard-to-reach (HTR) populations in the United States.
Free online until May 31, 2020

Of Bodies, Families, and Communities: Refiguring the 1918 Influenza Pandemic”
Literature and Medicine
Caroline Hovanec
A complex study of literary works from the 1930s that focuses on the effects of the 1918 influenza pandemic which parallel the workings of the virus itself.
Free online until May 31, 2020

“Meeting Threats to Global Health: a call for American leadership”
Perspectives in Biology and Medicine
Solomon R. Benatar, Renée C. Fox
This paper has three major premises: that global health problems pose major medical, social, and economic threats to all countries; that it is in the long-term self-interest of wealthy nations to address the forces that significantly affect the health of whole populations; and that at this historical juncture, the United States is the country with the most potential for favorably influencing global health trends.
Free online until May 31, 2020

“Pigs Might Fly: Dance in the Time of Swine Flu”
Theatre Journal
Paul Rae
This essay takes the coincidence of pandemic H1N1/09 virus (so-called swine flu) and a collaborative dance-making project in Beijing in 2009 as a starting point for exploring some of the corporeal consequences of “Asian modernity.”
Free online until May 31, 2020

“How to Survive Contagion, Disease, and Disaster: The “Masked Asian/American Woman” as Low-Tech Specter of Emergency Preparedness”
Feminist Formations
Clare Ching Jen
This article approaches post-9/11 public health anxieties as human-technology-border agitations. Face masks and narratives of un/masking function as key components in the discursive production of emergencies.
Free online until May 31, 2020

Kent State University Press

The Health Humanities and Camus’s The Plague
Woods Nash
ISBN: 9781606353226
Explores how The Plague illuminates important themes, ideas, dilemmas, and roles in modern healthcare, helping readers—and particularly medical students and professionals—understand issues related to their training and practice in a dramatic and stimulating context.

Fourteen Stories; Doctors, Patients, and Other Stories
Jay Baruch
ISBN: 9780873388948
How illness can make people strangers to their own bodies, how we all struggle to maintain control as the body decays and life slowly becomes unrecognizable, and how health professionals discover and struggle with the limits of their own competence and compassion.

Leuven University Press

The living paper on the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) provides a structured compilation of scientific data about the virus, the disease and its control.
Open Access

Cold War Triangle: How Scientists in East and West Tamed HIV
Renilde Loeckx
ISBN: 9789462701137
Insight into the human face of science in the extraordinary story of scientists in East and West who overcame ideological barriers and worked together for the benefit of humanity.

Louisiana State University Press

The Plague Files: Crisis Management in Sixteenth-Century Seville
Alexandra Parma Cook, Noble David Cook
ISBN: 9780807143605
Reconstructs daily life in sixteenth-century Seville, exposing the difficult lives of ordinary men, women, and children and shedding light on the challenges municipal officials faced as they attempted to find solutions to the public health emergencies that threatened the city’s residents.

Yellow Fever, Race, and Ecology in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans
Urmi Engineer Willoughby
ISBN: 9780807167748
Through the innovative perspective of environment and culture, Willoughby examines yellow fever in New Orleans from 1796 to 1905.

Mosquito Soldiers: Malaria, Yellow Fever, and the Course of the American Civil War
Andrew McIlwaine Bell
ISBN: 9780807135617
This ground-breaking medical history explores the impact of two terrifying mosquito-borne maladies on the major political and military events of the 1860s, revealing how deadly microorganisms carried by a tiny insect helped shape the course of the Civil War.

Disease, Resistance, and Lies: The Demise of the Transatlantic Slave Trade to Brazil and Cuba
Dale T. Graden
ISBN: 9780807155295
Engages several important historiographic debates, including the extent to which US merchants and capital facilitated the slave trade to Brazil and Cuba, the role of infectious disease in ending the trade to those countries, and the effect of slave revolts in helping to bring an end to the transatlantic slave trade.

Manchester University Press

Stacking the coffins: Influenza, war and revolution in Ireland, 1918–19
Ida Milne
ISBN: 9781526122698
The 1918-19 influenza epidemic killed more than 50 million people, and infected between one fifth and half of the world’s population. It is the world’s greatest killing influenza pandemic, and is used as a worst case scenario for emerging infectious disease epidemics like the corona virus COVID-19.

The shifting border: Legal cartographies of migration and mobility
Ayelet Shachar
ISBN: 9781526145314
The border is one of the most urgent issues of our times. We tend to think of a border as a static line, but recent bordering techniques have broken away from the map, as governments have developed legal tools to limit the rights of migrants before and after they enter a country’s territory.

Vaccinating Britain: Mass vaccination and the public since the Second World War
Gareth Millward
ISBN: 9781526126757
Shows how the British public has played a central role in the development of vaccination policy since the Second World War. It explores the relationship between the public and public health through five key vaccines.
Available open access:

The politics of vaccination: A global history
Edited by Christine Holmberg, Stuart Blume and Paul Greenough
ISBN: 9781526110886
This collection of essays gives a comparative overview of vaccination at different times, in widely different places and under different types of political regime.
Available open access:

Mediterranean quarantines, 1750–1914: Space, identity and power
Edited by John Chircop and Francisco Javier Martinez
ISBN: 9781526115546
Mediterranean quarantines investigates how quarantine, the centuries-old practice of collective defence against epidemics, experienced significant transformations from the eighteenth century in the Mediterranean Sea, its original birthplace.

Knowledge resistance: How we avoid insight from others
Mikael Klintman
ISBN: 9781526135209
Why do people and groups ignore, deny and resist knowledge about society’s many problems? In a world of ‘alternative facts’, ‘fake news’ that some believe could be remedied by ‘factfulness’, the question has never been more pressing.

University of Manitoba Press

Diagnosing the Legacy: The Discovery, Research, and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes in Indigenous Youth
ISBN: 9780887558238
Shows the impact on the lives of individuals and families, as well as the challenges caregivers face diagnosing and then responding to the complex and perplexing disease, especially in communities far removed from the medical personnel and facilities available in the southern Canada.

A Very Remarkable Sickness: Epidemics in the Petit Nord, 1670 to 1846
Paul Hackett
ISBN: 9780887556593
Traces the diffusion of acute, directly transmitted infectious diseases–including smallpox, influenza, and measles—that were responsible for a monumental loss of life and would forever transform North American Aboriginal communities.

University of Massachusetts Press

Constructing the Outbreak: Epidemics in Media and Collective Memory
Katherine A. Foss
Demonstrates how news reporting on epidemics communicates more than just information about pathogens; rather, prejudices, political agendas, religious beliefs, and theories of disease also shape the content coming into Americans’ homes.

Diseased States: Epidemic Control in Britain and the United States
Charles Allan McCoy
Comparing the development of disease control in Britain and the United States, from the 1793 yellow fever outbreak in Philadelphia to the H1N1 panics of more recent times, Diseased States provides a blueprint for managing pandemics in the twenty-first century.

Michigan State University Press

Principles of Green Bioethics: Sustainability in Health Care
Cristina Richie
ISBN: 9781611863239
The future of our world may very well depend on how effectively we halt ecological destruction and conserve our resources; the principles of green bioethics, outlined in this book, will advance sustainability in health care.

The Medicine Wheel: Environmental Decision-Making Process of Indigenous Peoples
Michael E. Marchand
ISBN: 9781611863581
Provides the context for how to connect Western science and Indigenous knowledge frameworks to form a holistic and ethical decision process for the environment.

Medicine and Health in Africa: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
Edited by Paula Viterbo and Kalala Ngalamulume
ISBN: 9780870139918
This collection, including contributions by historians, sociologists, anthropologists, and biologists, emphasizes the social and cultural contexts of African health, paying particular attention to the history of the colonial public health system and its legacy.

Death Stalks the Yakama: Epidemiological Transitions and Mortality on the Yakama Indian Reservation, 1888–1964
Clifford Trafzer
ISBN: 9780870134630
An examination of life, death, and the shockingly high mortality rates that have persisted among the fourteen tribes and bands living on the Yakama Reservation in the state of Washington.

University of Minnesota Press

The Deadly Life of Logistics: Mapping Violence in Global Trade
Deborah Cowen
A genealogy of logistics, tracing the link between markets and militaries, territory and government; the chapter on global seams and the NAFTA trade zone is particularly relevant as we follow stories about how different countries are obtaining medical masks and other PPE.

An Ecotopian Lexicon
Matthew Schneider-Mayerson and Brent Ryan Bellamy
The New Yorker writes that the book “seeks to expand the language we use to describe the present-day crisis and its possibilities.”

Against Purity: Living Ethically in Compromised Times
Alexis Shotwell
Why contamination and compromise might be a starting point for doing something, instead of a reason to give up.

Breathtaking: Asthma Care in a Time of Climate Change
Alison Kenner
“Kenner has done us a service by detailing how tenuous networks of care in the US can be, and how contingent they are on larger structural policies. In the flare of the COVID-19 pandemic, this has never felt truer.” —London School of Economics

Wageless Life: A Manifesto for a Future beyond Capitalism
Ian G. R. Shaw and Marv Waterstone
Draws up alternate ways to “make a living” beyond capitalism.

Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World
Timothy Morton
A crisis of ecological catastrophe is also a crisis for our philosophical habits of thought, confronting us with a problem that seems to defy not only our control but also our understanding.

99 Theses on the Revaluation of Value: A Postcapitalist Manifesto
Brian Massumi
It is time to reclaim value from the capitalist market and the neoliberal reduction of life to “human capital”—time to occupy surplus-value for a postcapitalist future.

Minnesota Historical Society Press

Minnesota, 1918: When Flu, Fire, and War Ravaged the State
Curt Brown
ISBN: 9781681341477
A story of trauma, tragedy, and perseverance in a year that proved to be a turning point in the making of modern America.

University Press of Mississippi

The State of Health and Health Care in Mississippi
Edited by Mario J. Azevedo
ISBN: 9781628460001
A comprehensive survey of the health care crisis in one of the nation’s poorest states.

The Racial Divide in American Medicine: Black Physicians and the Struggle for Justice in Health Care
Edited by Richard D. deShazo
ISBN: 9781496817686
A revealing account of the long history of separation, isolation, disparities, and hope for eventual healing in American health care.

National Academies Press

Coronavirus Resources
A compilation of resources from the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine related to COVID-19. Our publications explore prevention, response, and recovery from pandemic infectious disease.
Open access at link above

Taking Action Against Clinician Burnout: A Systems Approach to Professional Well-Being
Explores the extent, consequences, and contributing factors of clinician burnout and provides a framework for a systems approach to clinician burnout and professional well-being, a research agenda to advance clinician well-being, and recommendations for the field.
Open access at link above

Crisis Standards of Care: A Systems Framework for Catastrophic Disaster Response: Volume 1: Introduction and CSC Framework
Provides national guidance for use by state and local public health officials and health-sector agencies and institutions in establishing and implementing standards of care that should apply in disaster situations-both naturally occurring and man-made-under conditions of scarce resources.
Open access at link above

Exploring Lessons Learned From a Century of Outbreaks
Examines the lessons from influenza pandemics and other major outbreaks, understand the extent to which the lessons have been learned, and discuss how they could be applied further to ensure that countries are sufficiently ready for future pandemics.
Open access at link above

Emerging Viral Diseases: The One Health Connection: Workshop Summary
Examines factors driving the appearance, establishment, and spread of emerging, re-emerging and novel viral diseases; the global health and economic impacts of recently emerging and novel viral diseases in humans; and the scientific and policy approaches to improving domestic and international capacity to detect and respond to global outbreaks of infectious disease.
Open access at link above

Learning from SARS: Preparing for the Next Disease Outbreak: Workshop Summary
Provides an illuminating survey of findings from the epidemic, along with an assessment of what might be needed in order to contain any future outbreaks of SARS or other emerging infections.
Open access at link above

University of Nebraska Press

The Nebraska Isolation and Quarantine Manual
Edited by Theodore J. Cieslak, Mark G. Kortepeter, Christopher J. Kratochvil, and James V. Lawler
ISBN: 9780989353731
From leading professionals at the University of Nebraska Medical center, the Manual is a practical guide for local public health officials, emergency management personnel, and health care providers looking to implement evidence-based best practices in the event of an infectious disease outbreak.

University of New South Wales Press

Net Privacy
Sacha Molitorisz
Rigorous and engaging, this book examines the minutiae of our digital lives while drawing on a philosophy of ethical and legal frameworks, and feels more timely than ever as the world moves swiftyl online.
To be co-published by McGill-Queens University Press in May 2020.

Infectious: A doctor’s eye-opening insights into contagious diseases
Frank Bowden
Tackles topical and critical issues in modern medical practice – the emergence of antibiotic resistance, the Ebola epidemic, the Lyme Disease controversy and the causes of chronic fatigue. It can be applied to more recent epidemics and pandemics such as SARS and novel coronavirus COVID-19.

New York University Press

Fever of War: The Influenza Epidemic in the U.S. Army during World War I
Carol R. Byerly
The startling impact of the 1918 influenza epidemic on the American army, its medical officers, and their profession.
Unlimited user access via EBSCO, JSTOR, MUSE, and ProQuest through June 30, 2020.

In Time of Plague: The History and Social Consequences of Lethal Epidemic Disease
Arien Mack
Examines the many ways in which catastrophic infectious and contagious diseases are both biologically and socially defined.
Unlimited user access via EBSCO, JSTOR, MUSE, and ProQuest through June 30, 2020.

Plague Ports: The Global Urban Impact of Bubonic Plague, 1894-1901
Myron Echenberg
Reveals the global effects of the bubonic plague, and what we can learn from this earlier pandemic.
Unlimited user access via EBSCO, JSTOR, MUSE, and ProQuest through June 30, 2020.

Archiving an Epidemic: Art, AIDS, and the Queer Chicanx Avant-Garde    
Robb Hernández
Catalogs a queer retelling of the Chicana and Chicano art movement, from its origins in the 1960s, to the AIDS crisis and the destruction it wrought in the 1980s, and onto the remnants and legacies of these artists in the current moment.
Unlimited user access via EBSCO, JSTOR, MUSE, and ProQuest through June 30, 2020.

Ohio University Press

Ailing in Place: Environmental Inequities and Health Disparities in Appalachia
Michele Morrone
ISBN: 9780821424209
Ailing in Place examines environmental conditions in Appalachia and explores the relationship between those conditions and certain health outcomes that are often incorrectly ascribed to poor individual choices.

Epidemics: The Story of South Africa’s Five Most Lethal Human Diseases
Howard Phillips
ISBN: 9780821420287
Focusing on five devastating diseases between 1713 and today—smallpox, bubonic plague, “Spanish influenza,” polio, and HIV/AIDS—the book probes their origins, their catastrophic courses, and their consequences in both the short and long terms.

The Politics of Disease Control: Sleeping Sickness in Eastern Africa, 1890–1920
Mari K. Webel
ISBN: 9780821424001
A history of epidemic illness and political change, The Politics of Disease Control focuses on epidemics of sleeping sickness (human African trypanosomiasis) around Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika in the early twentieth century as well as the colonial public health programs designed to control them.

Preaching Prevention: Born-Again Christianity and the Moral Politics of AIDS in Uganda
Lydia Boyd
ISBN: 9780821421703
Preaching Prevention examines the controversial U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) initiative to “abstain and be faithful” as a primary prevention strategy in Africa.

Making and Unmaking Public Health in Africa: Ethnographic and Historical Perspectives
Ruth J. Prince and Rebecca Marsland
ISBN: 9780821420584
This volume explores how medical professionals and patients, government officials, and ordinary citizens approach questions of public health as they navigate contemporary landscapes of NGOs and transnational projects, faltering state services, and expanding privatization.

The African AIDS Epidemic: A History
John Iliffe
ISBN: 9780821416891
This history of the African AIDS epidemic is a much-needed, accessibly written historical account of one of the most serious epidemiological catastrophes of modern times.

Ohio State University Press

Vaccine Rhetorics
Heidi Yoston Lawrence
ISBN: 9780814255704
In bringing together the voices of those who oppose, question, and support vaccines, Lawrence unearths the material circumstances that lead to differing viewpoints and brings important attention not just to what is said but how and why it is said—providing a useful framework for studying other controversial issues.
Available open via Ohio State Libraries Knowledge Bank:

Awful Archives: Conspiracy Theory, Rhetoric, and Acts of Evidence
Jenny Rice
ISBN: 9780814255797
An exploration of exaggerated cases of conspiracy theories which helps to reveal why traditional modes of argument fail against unwarranted, unsound, or untrue evidence.

Reality Bites: Rhetoric and the Circulation of Truth Claims in U.S. Political Culture
Dana L. Cloud
ISBN: 9780814254653
Fake news, alternative facts, post truth—terms all too familiar to anyone in U.S. political culture and concepts at the core of Dana L. Cloud’s new book, Reality Bites, which explores truth claims in contemporary political rhetoric in the face of widespread skepticism regarding the utility, ethics, and viability of an empirical standard for political truths.

Oregon State University Press

Numbers and Nerves: Information, Emotion, and Meaning in a World of Data
Edited by Scott Slovic and Paul Slovic
ISBN: 9780870717765
Offers strategies for policymakers and ordinary citizens to overcome the innate human insensitivity to the meaning behind the quantitative descriptions of phenomena like global pandemics.

On the Ragged Edge of Medicine: Doctoring Among the Dispossessed
Patricia Kullberg
ISBN: 9780870718854
Working on the front lines of our national public health crisis, physician Patricia Kullberg reflects on the many challenges of providing medical care to vulnerable homeless populations.

Otago University Press

Flu Hunter: Unlocking the secrets of a virus
Robert G. Webster
ISBN: 9781988531311
A gripping account of the tenacious scientific detective work involved in revealing the secrets of a killer virus.

University of Pennsylvania Press

The Future of Risk Management
Edited by Howard Kunreuther, Robert J. Meyer, and Erwann O. Michel-Kerjan
ISBN: 9780812251326
Provides scholars, businesses, civil servants, and the concerned public tools for making more informed decisions and developing long-term strategies for reducing future losses from potentially catastrophic events.
Unlimited user access via DeGruyter, EBSCO, MUSE, and ProQuest through June 30, 2020

Democracy and Truth: A Short History
Sophia Rosenfeld
ISBN: 9780812250848
Historian Sophia Rosenfeld explores a longstanding and largely unspoken tension at the heart of democracy between the supposed wisdom of the crowd and the need for information to be vetted and evaluated by a learned elite made up of trusted experts.
Unlimited user access via DeGruyter, EBSCO, MUSE, and ProQuest through June 30, 2020

University of Pittsburgh Press

Influenza: A Century of Science and Public Health Response
George Dehner
ISBN: 9780822961895
Dehner examines the wide disparity in national and international responses to influenza pandemics, from the Russian flu of 1889 to the swine flu outbreak in 2009.

Rise of the Modern Hospital: An Architectural History of Health and Healing, 1870-1940
Jeanne Kisacky
ISBN: 9780822944614
A focused examination of hospital design in the United States from the 1870s through the 1940s.

Princeton University Press

The Butterfly Defect: How Globalization Creates Systemic Risks, and What to Do about It
Ian Goldin & Mike Mariathasan
ISBN: 9780691168425
The Butterfly Defect addresses the widening gap between the systemic risks generated by globalization and their effective management, showing how the dynamics of turbo-charged globalization has the potential and power to destabilize our societies.
Open through institutional library platforms until June 30, 2020 

Narrative Economics: How Stories Go Viral and Drive Economic Events
Robert Shiller
ISBN: 9780691182292
From Nobel Prize–winning economist and New York Times bestselling author Robert Shiller, a groundbreaking account of how stories help drive economic events—and why financial panics can spread rapidly.

University of Rochester Press

Infections, Chronic Disease, and the Epidemiological Transition
Alexander Mercer
Examines the ongoing, worldwide epidemiological transition from acute infectious diseases to chronic diseases as the predominant causes of death, presenting a new theory on how chronic diseases have developed.

Intrusive Interventions: Public Health, Domestic Space, and Infectious Disease Surveillance in England, 1840-1914
Graham Mooney
Examines the advent, during the mid-nineteenth century in Britain, of techniques of infectious disease surveillance, now one of the most powerful sets of tools in modern public health.

Plague and Public Health in Early Modern Seville
Kristy Wilson Bowers
This study of sixteenth-century Seville offers a new perspective on how early modern cities adapted to living with repeated epidemics of plague.

The Politics of Vaccination
Deborah Brunton
A detailed examination of the political forces and events that shaped smallpox vaccination policy in England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland during the nineteenth century.

Shifting Boundaries of Public Health
Susan Gross Solomon, Lion Murard, and Patrick Zylberman, eds.
New perspectives on the history of twentieth-century public health in Europe.

The Spanish Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919
María-Isabel Porras-Gallo and Ryan A. Davis, eds.
Sheds new light on what the WHO described as “the single most devastating infectious disease outbreak ever recorded,” focusing on social control, gender, class, religion, national identity, and military medicine’s reactions to the pandemic.

The Antivaccine Heresy: Jacobson v. Massachusetts and the Troubled History of Compulsory Vaccination in the United States
Karen L. Walloch
Explores the history of vaccine development and the rise of antivaccination societies in late-nineteenth-century America.

Rutgers University Press

Beasts of the Earth: Animals, Humans, and Disease
E. Fuller Torrey and Robert H. Yolken
ISBN: 9780813577227
“The authors’ highly informative and well-written book is about the animal origins of human diseases and will thrill and horrify readers, partly because its tone is so inflammatory and partly because its facts are so startling.” —Publishers Weekly
Free access through April 30, 2020:

Blood on Their Hands: How Greedy Companies, Inept Bureaucracy, and Bad Science Killed Thousands of Hemophiliacs
Eric Weinberg and Donna Shaw
ISBN: 9780813576237
An inspiring, firsthand account of the legal battles fought on behalf of hemophiliacs who were unwittingly infected with tainted blood when HIV first entered the world blood supply in the late 1970s and early 1980s, resulting in over half of the hemophiliacs living in the United States getting infected with the virus.
Free access through April 30, 2020:

Communities of Health Care Justice
Charlene Galarneau
ISBN: 9780813577685
This book makes a powerful ethical argument for why smaller communities should be regarded as critical moral actors that play key roles in defining and upholding health policy.

Dirt and Disease: Polio Before FDR
Naomi Rogers
ISBN: 9780813517865
This book is a social, cultural, and medical history of the polio epidemic in the United States, focusing on the early years from 1900 to 1920 and continuing the story to the present.

Ending Ageism, or How Not to Shoot Old People
Margaret Morganroth Gullette
ISBN: 9780813589305
This book confronts the offenders in the battle against ageism: the ways people aging past midlife are portrayed in the media, by adult offspring; the esthetics and politics of representation in photography, film, and theater; and the incitement to commit suicide for those with early signs of “dementia.”

Framing Disease: Studies in Cultural History
Charles E. Rosenberg
ISBN: 9780813517575
Disease is both a biological event and a social phenomenon; patient, doctor, family, and social institutions—including employers, government, and insurance companies—all find ways to frame the biological event in terms that make sense to them and serve their own ends.

Healthcare an Human Dignity: Law Matters
Frank M. McClellan
ISBN: 9781978802971
A law professor brings a collection of cases and individual experiences to life, establishing beyond doubt that human dignity is of utmost priority in the everyday process of healthcare decision making.

History and Health Policy in the United States: Putting the Past Back In
Rosemary A. Stevens, Charles E. Rosenberg, and Lawton R. Burns
ISBN: 9780813579788
Seventeen leading scholars of history, the history of medicine, bioethics, law, health policy, sociology, and organizational theory make the case for the usefulness of history in evaluating and formulating health policy today.

Making Room in the Clinic: Nurse Practitioners and the Evolution of Modern Health Care
Julie Fairman
ISBN: 9780813545028
This book examines the context in which the nurse practitioner movement emerged, how large political and social movements influenced it, and how it contributed to the changing definition of medical care.

Picturing Medical Progress from Pasteur to Polio: A History of Mass Media Images and Popular Attitudes in America
Bert Hansen
ISBN: 9780813581699
In contrast to today, from the 1880s through the 1950s Americans enthusiastically embraced medicine and its practitioners; this book offers a refreshing portrait of an era when the public excitedly anticipated medical progress and research breakthroughs.

Saving Sickly Children: The Tuberculosis Preventorium in American Life, 1909-1970
Cynthia A. Connolly
ISBN: 9780813582214
This book provides a provocative analysis of public health and family welfare through the lens of the tuberculosis preventorium, the unique facility that was intended to prevent TB in indigent children from families labeled irresponsible or at risk for developing the disease.

Selling Science: Polio and the Promise of Gamma Globulin
Stephen E. Mawdsley
ISBN: 9780813574400
This title recounts the untold story of the first large clinical trial to control polio, using 55,000 healthy children.

The Burdens of Disease: Epidemics and Human Response in Western History
J. N. Hays
ISBN: 9780813577593
This revised edition studies the victims of epidemics, paying close attention to the relationships among poverty, power, and disease.
Free access through April 30, 2020:

The Death of a Disease: A History of the Eradication of Poliomyelitis
Bernard Seytre and Mary Shaffer
ISBN: 9780813578248
This book tells the dramatic story of polio, the crippling virus that has evoked terror among parents and struck down healthy children for centuries.
Free access through April 30, 2020:

Transforming Contagion: Risky Contacts among Bodies, Disciplines, and Nations
Breanne Fahs, Annika Mann, Eric Swank, and Sarah Stage
ISBN: 9780813589602
The essays in Transforming Contagion offer a fertile prism for exploring how contagion—the spread of beliefs, emotions, texts, practices, people, and pathogens across communities and culture—has been represented, experienced, addressed, and theorized across disciplines and historical periods.

Tuberculosis and the Politics of Exclusion: A History of Public Health and Migration to Los Angeles
Emily K. Abel
ISBN: 9780813582955
This book shows how the association of the disease with “tramps” during the 1880s and 1890s and Dust Bowl refugees during the 1930s provoked exclusionary measures against both groups.

Undead Ends: Stories of Apocalypse
S. Trimble
ISBN: 9780813593166
Framing modern British and American apocalypse films as sites of interpretive struggle, Trimble argues that contemporary apocalypse films aren’t so much envisioning The End of the world as the end of a particular world; not The End of humanness but, rather, the end of Man.

University of South Carolina Press

Long-Range Public Investment: The Forgotten Legacy of the New Deal
Robert D. Leighninger Jr.
A comprehensive survey combining architectural and social policy studies that reappraises the enduring achievements of public investment during the New Deal era that produced the lasting backbone of the U.S. physical and cultural infrastructure.

Southern Illinois University Press

Rhetoric of a Global Epidemic: Transcultural Communication about SARS
Huiling Ding
ISBN: 9780809333196
In Rhetoric of a Global Epidemic, Huiling Ding uses SARS to explore how various cultures and communities made sense of the epidemic and communicated about it by investigating the way knowledge production and legitimation operate in global epidemics, the roles that professionals and professional communicators, as well as individual citizens, play in the communication process, points of contention within these processes, and possible entry points for ethical and civic intervention.

Health and the Rhetoric of Medicine
Judy Z. Segal
ISBN: 9780809328666
Health and the Rhetoric of Medicine, Judy Z. Segal highlights the persuasive element in di-agnosis, health policy, illness experience, and illness narratives as well as illuminates psychiatric conditions, infectious diseases, genetic testing, and cosmetic surgeries through the lens of rhetorical theory.

Stanford University Press

Infectious Change: Reinventing Chinese Public Health After an Epidemic
Katherine A. Mason
ISBN: 9780804798921
Mason investigates local Chinese public health institutions in Southeastern China, examining how the outbreak of SARS re-imagined public health as a professionalized, biomedicalized, and technological machine—one that frequently failed to serve the Chinese people.

SARS in China: Prelude to Pandemic?
Arthur Kleinman and James L. Watson
ISBN: 9780804753142
SARS in China addresses the structure and impact of the epidemic and its short and medium range implications for an interconnected, globalized world.

Dreams of the Overworked: Living, Working, and Parenting in the Digital Age
Christine M. Beckman and Melissa Mazmanian
ISBN: 9781503602557
A riveting look at the real reasons Americans feel inadequate in the face of their dreams, and a call to celebrate how we support one another in the service of family and work in our daily life.

Simple Habits for Complex Times: Powerful Practices for Leaders
Jennifer Garvey Berger and Keith Johnston
ISBN: 9780804799430
Rather than offering one-size-fits-all tips and tricks drawn from the realm of business as usual, Simple Habits for Complex Times provides three integral practices that enable leaders to navigate the unknown.

SUNY Press

Kept from All Contagion: Germ Theory, Disease, and the Dilemma of Human Contact in Late Nineteenth-Century Literature
Kari Nixon
ISBN: 9781438478494
Highlights connections between authors rarely studied together by exposing their shared counternarratives to germ theory’s implicit suggestion of protection in isolation.

Temple University Press

Policing in Natural Disasters: Stress, Resilience, and the Challenges of Emergency Management
Terri Adams and Leigh Anderson
ISBN: 9781439918371
How disaster work impacts law enforcement officers and first responders based on some of the worst disasters in modern history.

Consuming Catastrophe: Mass Culture in America’s Decade of Disaster
Timothy Recuber
ISBN: 9781439913703
Examines the media’s coverage of four American disasters, arguing that media attention directs our concern for the suffering of others toward efforts to soothe our own emotional turmoil.

University of Toronto Press

Epidemics and the Modern World
Mitchell L. Hammond
ISBN: 9781487593735
Explores the relationships between epidemics and key themes in modern history from the fourteenth century to the present.

Influenza 1918: Disease, Death, and Struggle in Winnipeg
Esyllt W. Jones
ISBN: 9780802094391
Uses Winnipeg as a case study to show how disease articulated and helped to re-define boundaries of social difference.

Hunting the 1918 Flu: One Scientist’s Search for a Killer Virus
Kirsty E. Duncan
ISBN: 9780802094568
A large-scale medical project to uncover genetic material from the Spanish flu; it also reveals the turbulent politics of a group moving towards a goal where the egos were as strong as the stakes were high.

The Last Plague: Spanish Influenza and the Politics of Public Health in Canada
Mark Osborne Humphries
ISBN: 9781442610446
Humphries examines how federal epidemic disease management strategies developed before the First World War, arguing that the deadliest epidemic in Canadian history ultimately challenged traditional ideas about disease and public health governance.

Leadership in the Eye of the Storm: Putting Your People First in a Crisis
Bill Tibbo
ISBN: 9781442649941
A practical and inspirational guide that helps professionals create opportunity out of crisis, drawing on lessons learned during the 9/11 attacks, Hurricane Katrina, and the SARS outbreak.

From Wall Street to Bay Street: The Origins and Evolution of American and Canadian Finance
Christopher Kobrak and Joe Martin
ISBN: 9781442616257
The first book to tackle the similarities and differences between the financial systems of Canada and the United States, outlining how the Canadian banking system withstood the 2008 financial crisis.

Diagnosis: Truths and Tales
Annemarie Goldstein Jutel
ISBN: 9781487522261
Confronting how we address illness in our personal lives and in popular culture, this compelling book explores narratives of diagnosis while pondering the impact they have on how we experience health and disease.

United States Institute of Peace Press

Pandemics and Peace
William J. Long
Examining disease surveillance networks of the Mekong Basin, Middle East, and East Africa, Pandemics and Peace shows how interests, institutions, and ideas can align to allow for interstate cooperation even in unfavorable environments.

Utah State University Press

An Epidemic of Rumors: How Stories Shape our Perceptions of Disease
John D. Lee
Lee examines the human response to epidemics through the lens of the 2003 SARS epidemic.
Currently open at link

The Kiss of Death: Contagion, Contamination, and Folklore
Andrea Kitta
Using examples of specific legends and rumors, The Kiss of Death explores the beliefs and practices that permeate notions of contagion and contamination.
Currently open at link with teaching resources

Vanderbilt University Press

Always on Call
Carol Levine, editor
ISBN: 9780826514615
What happens when caregiving that used to happen in hospitals has to happen in the home.
Find on Project MUSE, open through June 30, 2020

Chasing Polio in Pakistan
Svea Closser
ISBN: 9780826517098
An examination of how really important public health initiatives—like polio vaccines—can fail to reach their end goals.
Find on Project MUSE, open through June 30, 2020

China-US Partnership to Prevent Spina Bifida
Deborah Kowal
ISBN: 9780826520272
How countries can work together to stop illness.
Find on Project MUSE, open through June 30, 2020

Cities and the Health of the Public
Nicholas Freudenberg
ISBN: 9780826515124
A look at the effects urban environments have on public health.
Find on Project MUSE, open through June 30, 2020 

Dying Unneeded
Michelle Parsons
ISBN: 9780826519733
How Russians dealt with increasing mortality from poor health.
Find on Project MUSE, open through June 30, 2020

Free Market Tuberculosis
Erin Koch
ISBN: 9780826518934
How markets can affect the treatment of epidemics.
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Vaccine Narrative
Jacob Heller
ISBN: 9780826515919
How the social values we place on vaccines influences their use.
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University of Virginia Press

Reading Contagion: The Hazards of Reading in the Age of Print
Annika Mann
Illuminates eighteenth-century beliefs that reading threatens to transform the world by creating new embodied collectives and fomenting large-scale epidemics.
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University of Washington Press

Staying Healthy Abroad: A Global Traveler’s Guide
Christopher Sanford, MD
ISBN: 9780295744384
Observing that risk is determined less by where you go than by what you do, physician and educator Christopher Sanford provides succinct overviews and commonsense advice on how to prevent communicable diseases.

An Integrative Metaregression Framework for Descriptive Epidemiology
Edited by Abraham D. Flaxman, Theo Vos, Christopher J.L. Murray
ISBN: 9780295991849
Editors Abraham D. Flaxman, Theo Vos, and Christopher J.L. Murray provides a deep dive into work on disease modeling.

Thinking Differently About HIV/AIDS: Contributions from Critical Social Science
Eric Mykhalovskiy and Viviane Namaste
ISBN: 9780774860703
Mykhalovskiy and Namaste put an epidemic into historical context.

A Healthy Society: How a Focus on Health Can Revive Canadian Democracy
Ryan Meili
ISBN: 9781895830637
Meili explores a number of specific health determinants, and ends in a discussion of democratic reforms that could help reshape the way we organize ourselves to create a truly healthy society.

W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research

Strengths of the Social Safety Net in the Great Recession: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance and Unemployment Insurance
Christopher J. O’Leary, et al., eds.
The contributors in this book use administrative data from six states from before, during, and after the Great Recession to gauge the degree to which Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) and Unemployment Insurance (UI) interacted. They also recommend ways that the program policies could be altered to better serve those suffering hardship as a result of future economic downturns.
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Confronting Policy Challenges of the Great Recession: Lessons for Macroeconomic Policy
Eskander Alvi, ed.
This book presents several notable economists who describe the perils the economy faced during the Great Recession and the policies—some successful, others not so much—that were implemented and why.
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Wits University Press

Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine, COVID-19 special issue vol 2, no. Si1
eISSN: 2618-0197
The first publication available on COVID-19 in South Africa.
Open Access via Sabinet

Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine Webinar, “South Africa’s Covid-19 Vaccine and Rollout: Your questions answered” (February 2021)
A scientific update on the COVID-19 vaccine programme in South Africa, given by a panel of leading medical experts from the University the Witwatersrand and led by Pravin Manga, editor of the Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine.

Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine, vol. 3, issue 2 (July 2021) also debuts a video interview feature, Conversations. In this issue, guest expert Francois Venter (Director of Ezintsha) discusses many aspects of how to prevent COVID-19 infection as well as some valuable insights into the vaccination strategies in South Africa.

Yale University Press

The Art of Solitude
Stephen Batchelor
In a time of social distancing and isolation, a meditation on the beauty of solitude from renowned Buddhist writer Stephen Batchelor.

Epidemics and Society
Frank M. Snowden
A “brilliant and sobering” (Paul Kennedy, Wall Street Journal) look at the history and human costs of pandemic outbreaks.